I started with QB in March of 2006 and it took me until July of 2007 to get it right! Several reasons for that, and I ended up having to redo from scratch all transactions, twice!

Like most of you, I went to the forums for answers, and like most of you, if I knew the correct answer I would not be asking to start with. What I got was half-answers, wrong answers, and some that were illegal. To be fair I also received some absolutely correct answers. The problem was that I was seeing all those badges that Intuit sells and I thought they equated to expertise so I took what I was told as gospel. There are some very good people on those forums that have those badges, but read this ( Quotes from the Forums ) and you will see why those badges don’t always mean much.

After I finally got a handle on QB, I knew I could use some good Karma, so I decided to become active in the Intuit Community forums.

I started this blog as a reference desk, and I referred to it often in my answers so that I didn’t have to copy and paste the same thing over and over.

Then I got an e-mail asking for help, I get 3-5 a week by the way, and when I had explained and answered some questions, the person said (in e-mail), “I can’t believe you help for free, you should see my consultant bill! And he can’t answer the questions.”

Yahell is giving me problems with an e-mail account I have had for over 20 years.  So I set up a forum if you want to use that to ask a question.  You will have to create an account, it is free, and doing so does give you access to 10’s of thousands other forums on that same host.  At the present time I only check the forum first thing in the morning, if it gets active I will of course check it more often. (There are pay for it options, but to be honest unless you are going to spend major time on a lot of forums you just do not need it. The pay for it option does eliminate the advertising posts mixed in with the individual posts – but hey that is what a scroll bar is for IMO.)
Rustler’s QB forum

CODE is 1306 if it asks

I had heard variations on that comment over the years, but this time it just kind of hit me. I guess my Karma account is full up.

As you can see on the left, some posts are back. Many have been turned into mini-tutorials that are for sale, Rustler’s Tutorials , there is a free tutorial there so you can see what it is like, help yourself. All the Targeted Tutorials are $5 or less.

I will still answer questions by e-mail for free – IF, if the question is not answered in one of the tutorials. I figure if you can not afford $5 or less, why should I care, my Karma account is full.

The donate button helps to pay for this site’s presence on the net. 🙂

I do not work for, nor am I related to anyone who works for Intuit. I am not an accountant, nor am I an Enrolled Agent with the IRS. All statements made are my opinions.